“El Pi en festes”

In 1995 the El Pi neighbourhood reclaimed its Sant Josep Oriol Festivities, dedicated to the Barcelona saint who lived between the 17th and 18th centuries. This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the festivities and to celebrate that a commemorative exhibition has been planned at the Casa dels Entremesos.

Entitled “El Pi en festes. Vint-i-cinc anys de la recuperació de les Festes de Sant Josep Oriol”, the exhibition goes over the history of this festival through the events planned year after year and which act as the El Pi neighbourhood’s festive protocol.

In parallel to the exhibition, during the festival’s opening speech, which takes place on the morning of Saturday, 21 March, there will be a presentation of the book Les Festes de Sant Josep Oriol: 25 anys fent barri i fent cultura popular. The work contains a catalogue featuring all the giant, beast and festival figures that have taken part in the festival. Some three hundred figures in all are catalogued here.

The celebrations will go on throughout the festa major (big annual festival), from 21 to 29 March.



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