Weekend: It’s time to eat chestnuts!

All Saints’ Day is nearly upon us and the smell of chestnuts, sweet potatoes and panellets fills the air. The chestnut fest is here and brings with it a string of activities around the city’s civic centres. This weekend also see the Big Draw in the Ciutat Vella district, while the CCCB is offering a … Continue reading Weekend: It’s time to eat chestnuts!

Gaudí Barcelona: Nine of the architect’s greatest hits

You're likely familiar with Gaudí's masterwork La Sagrada Família or even his stone treasure, La Pedrera, but the modernisme king's unique style can be seen in architectural wonders dotted around Barcelona. No matter if you're taking in Casa Batlló or wandering the paths of Park Güell, you can see the influence of Gaudí's three greatest passions … Continue reading Gaudí Barcelona: Nine of the architect’s greatest hits

Getting around

Public transport in Barcelona consists of metro, bus, tram and train networks and generally works very well. Taxis are also a popular option, often proving cheaper than in other places, although rates have risen steadily in recent years. Private vehicles are more problematic due to cost and availability of parking and traffic. http://www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/visiting/getting-around/

5 Places to picnic

As the days get shorter and the daily grind drags on, we start counting down the days until our next vacation. It’s easy to forget that there are little urban escapes right around the corner. Here's our list of five peaceful places to picnic in Barcelona to help you keep that summertime bliss alive. http://www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/things-to-do/5-parks-for-al-fresco-eating/

Lesser-known Modernista jewels

If you can’t face another trip to the Sagrada Familia with visiting family, it’s time to take them off the beaten track and explore some of the city’s lesser-known Modernista architecture. Beyond the star attractions, Barcelona is also home to a wealth of lesser-known Modernista heritage that the city is working hard at renovating and … Continue reading Lesser-known Modernista jewels

Barcelona’s best museums for the whole family

Finding a day out that appeals to the whole family, particularly an educational one, can be a challenge no matter where in the world you live. Indeed, for many, the word museum is wont to conjure up images of yawning youths, temperamental teens and frazzled parents. Thankfully, many of Barcelona’s museums are fighting against this … Continue reading Barcelona’s best museums for the whole family

Beefeater In-Edit

Dedicated to exploring the intersection between music and films, Beefeater In-Edit screens musical documentaries from around the world. This year’s screenings include A Poem is a Naked Person (1978), which explores Leon Russell’s world in Seventies Oklahoma, Strike a Pose (2016), a deeply personal story about Madonna’s backup dancers from her ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour and … Continue reading Beefeater In-Edit