Stories and magic at Tibidabo


The new season at the Tibidabo Amusement Park gets under way on 3 March. One of the new attractions is the Castell dels Contes, a storytelling castle where visitors have to interact with the inhabitants to discover the different magical areas inside and recognise scenes from well-known stories.

The new attraction promotes stories as emotional and intellectual heritage for young and old alike. The Castell dels Contes is due to be inaugurated in the summer and from the start of the season onwards visitors to the park will be able to help build it, contributing with their stories and helping fill its infinite library.

Another new attraction is the Virtual Express, a pioneering virtual reality ride in Catalonia. This 4D total immersion experience combines the classic train ride with the adrenalin and futuristic sensations of virtual reality.

Following its success last season, when it attracted over 5,500 spectators, the production Emocions de por is back again this season. This year brings a completely revamped programme of activities and shows, with the cast from the renowned Hotel Krüger helping put the wind up visitors to the park. This year’s calendar of activities has also been extended so visitors can enjoy the various shows on more days.

The documentary Tots som Tibidabo will also continue being screened this year and offers a look back over the history of the park using images provided by visitors. In addition, new closing ceremonies are in store, along with a new show at the Marionetàrium, the traditional month of magic and the puppet fair.

The longer opening hours introduced last season remain in place this year: the park opens at 11 am, although the ticket offices in the panoramic area will be operating as from 10.30 am. The park will also open every day in August.


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