Homage to Ada Lovelace

Zoe Philpott performs ‘Ada.Ada.Ada’, a show based on the British mathematician and physicist Ada Lovelace.

The London dramatist Zoe Philpott performs Ada.Ada.Ada at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), an immersive show on technology and gender which condenses the life and legacy of Ada Augusta Byron King (London, 1815-1852), better known as Ada Lovelace. A hugely talented mathematician and physicist, Lovelace wrote instructions for the first known IT programme in the mid-19th century and is thus considered the first programmer in history.

Philpott takes to the stage in an interactive 19th century dress, with 4,400 LEDs activated by satin gloves. The experience highlights the importance of Ada Lovelace’s achievements and her impact on current technology, besides demonstrating that each spectator is a part of technology.

Ada.Ada.Ada rounds off the fourth edition of the international education conference Steamconf, which this year pays homage to Lovelace with three events about here. Steamconf 2018 aims to highlight the importance of implementing programmes and resources which help bridge the digital divide and gender inequalities, promoting equal opportunities.

More here: http://lameva.barcelona.cat/capdesetmana/en/detall/homage-to-ada-lovelace_99400583268.html


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