Barcelona is a sporting city

Barcelona is a city that clearly intends to promote a healthy lifestyle because it offers a wide range of natural spaces plus outdoor and indoor sports facilities that make up its ‘Sport, city and well-being’ side.

A sports facility next door

The offer generated by the Barcelona Sports Institute and the city’s sports organisations includes many facilities that make it very convenient for people to do sport. There are 61 pavilions and 238 multisport halls. Besides those we should mention the 130 public facilities42 Municipal Sports Centres (CEMs) and over 190,000 paid-up members. Thanks to this large number of sports facilities and installations, you are bound to have one less than 10 minutes from home if you live in Barcelona.

Sport outdoors

If you prefer doing sport outdoors, Barcelona can offer you lots of options for that because of its favourable climate. CollserolaMontjuïc and the coastline are among the natural spaces that stand out. But Catalonia’s capital also has lots of spaces designed for doing sport, for example, 96 multisport courts16 athletics tracks126 tennis courts67 football pitches15 fitness apparatus circuits and 96 swimming pools.


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