Twenty five years of Ciutat Flamenco

Ciutat Flamenco marks its 25th anniversary this year with eleven shows around nine different venues in nine different city neighbourhoods.

The festival has become firmly established as a leading flamenco event in Barcelona, not only because it brings top names and the most interesting acts to the city, but also as it acts as a platform for new projects conceived in a musical culture rooted in the city.

This special edition of the festival presents new shows and acts in the city such as Arcángel y Las Nuevas Voces Búlgaras, and Argentina; performances from the likes of Chicuelo & La Tana, Mariola Membrives & Piccola Orchestra Gagarin, Ana Morales & José María Gallardo and Tablao de Músics, as well as a chance to enjoy Aurora, Flamenkat, Euskal Barrokensemble and others.

Aurora, a group formed in the classrooms of the Taller de Músics, will be responsible for getting the festival under way.


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