Fitness Festival

The main change for this year’s Fitness Festival is the location, as it is moving from Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina to Moll de la Fusta. There, starting at 10 am on 23 September, thousands of people will once again be able to enjoy the biggest fitness class in the world during the La Mercè festival.

Like last year, it’s worth pointing out a whole series of Barcelona sports centres, gyms and clubs have signed up for it again and will be encouraging their members to do likewise. As always, promoting sport and healthy physical activity is one of the main objectives of this event, which is one of the nicest and most special of the year!

The Fitness Festival also aims to be an event that people with disabilities take part in.

So the organisers will be looking to provide an adequate organisational response to the needs and demands of wheelchair users to facilitate their participation.


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