AutoRetro Barcelona 2018

This year’s AutoRetro fair devotes nearly fifty thousand square metres of exhibition space to classic

cars, stepping up its international profile and promoting participatory activities to generate more business vitality.

Hall 2 will be the focus for commercial activity, while Hall 1 will be where classic vehicles gather and are displayed. Parallel activities will be held in Plaça de l’Univers.

This edition offers a chance to see working classic vehicles belonging to private owners, clubs and organisations. These include urban and inter-urban transport from the TMS and Sagalés collections, historical firefighting vehicles from Barcelona and Manresa, vehicles from films, military units from World War II, cars and motorbikes which took part in the Montjuïc Legends Series and all the models of the legendary Seat 600.

This special edition also includes the first Elegance Competition, devoted to pioneers from the fair, enthusiasts who took part with their vehicles in the first editions of AutoRetro.



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