‘Picasso – Picabia. Painting in Question’

This exhibition, consisting of over 150 pieces (paintings and graphic arts) and archive documents (magazines, letters and photographs), analyses the dialogue established between works by Picasso and Picabia, revealing the real or imagined links between the two. These Spanish artists were often mixed up in their early days due to the similarity of their surnames, which caused confusion in the press when they were still not very well known. More than anything the two shared the desire to challenge the pictorial conventions laid down by the history of art, with both of them equally set on the “assassination of painting” as the path they should take to rejuvenate it.

This exhibition starts with a journey through the history of art from the emergence of Cubism, with Picabia as one of its key exponents, and without overlooking the 1920s, when both artists shared a taste for a personal return to classicism. The exhibition ends with a selection of their final paintings. Whereas Picasso tirelessly revisited the human figure for the rest of his days, Picabia, for his part, reduced the act of painting down to subtle monochromes peppered with dots.



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