A visit to Gaudí’s Casa Vicens

As a young architect, Antoni Gaudí’s first main commission was to build a summer home for Manuel Vicens i Montaner, a wealthy businessman who owned a tile and brick factory.
Since November 2017 the house has been open to the public to visit. Located in C/ Carolines in the Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood, it has been renovated and equipped with museum features for the public to get familiar with Gaudí’s first major work.
With its Eastern inspiration, the Casa Vicens is one of the first examples of the renewed artistic and architectural aesthetics which culminated in the emergence of Modernisme.
The renovation work has regained as much of Gaudí’s work as possible, various modifications having been made to the building over the years. The recent work has also made it accessible for people with reduced mobility. Visitors can see the basement, where the shop and library are located, the main floor, the first and second floors and the roof.
The garden, which became smaller with the expansion of the city, is an iconic part of the property and the collective neighbourhood memory.
The public can visit the house on their own or accompanied by expert guides.



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