‘Prehistory. Catalonia before Catalonia’

The new long-term exhibition at the Museu d’Arqueologia offers a tour through the Palaeolithic Age, the Bronze Age, Megalithic art and the Iron Age to discover the origins of today’s Catalonia.
There were significant technological advances in the prehistory period, as revolutionary as those today but more spaced out over time. These improvements helped consolidate communities and stimulate material progress.
The display explains the origins of Homo sapiens, the development of agriculture and livestock farming, the first stable villages and mines, the development of metal utensils, stone monuments and funeral vaults. It ends with the Iron Age, when contact between the different communities and the application of new technologies helped metallurgy and agriculture evolve.
Little by little, prehistoric cultures started to definitively bring together the European collective spirit. We are the direct heirs of that world.




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