Bunches of grapes will be the star attractions for New Year’s Eve along Avinguda Maria Cristina


Avinguda Maria Cristina, Barcelona will be welcoming in 2018 this coming at 9.30 pm on Sunday, 31 December, with a fireworks, son-et-lumière and water show. This year’s icon for the New Year’s Eve celebrations will be the traditional twelve grapes which we eat, one for each of the chimes of the midnight bells. Created and directed by Efimer, the show is meant to transcend the element (grapes) and take advantage of the form (circles) and symbolism that come with all that: the eternal line without beginning or end, which evokes cycles that repeat themselves and, as a result, the passage of time.

Son et lumière will be the star attractions in a multimedia show where stage elements, fireworks, laser projections and choreographed fountains will be displayed specially designed for the occasions. The Magic Fountain show will have a special blog dedicated to Carles Santos, the recently departed thinker and musician.

Avinguda Maria Cristina will be decorated with representations of the structures that grown naturally in vineyards: grape bunches. There will be music alternating with choreographed displays from Montjuïc’s Fountains from 9.30 pm on; the main New Year’s Eve act will kick off at 11.30 pm, finishing off, once the 12 midnight bells have chimed, with a New Year’s fireworks display.



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