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The countdown to the end of the year, marked by clocks striking midnight, will turn into an impressive show along Av. Reina Maria Cristina, combining light, water, fireworks and music.

Av. Reina Maria Cristina, with the Palau Nacional in the background, once again provides the perfect setting for Barcelona’s New Year’s Eve party. The combination of fireworks and the Magic Fountain’s sound, light and water displays make this a unique experience.

The show

The icon of this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations is the tradition of eating twelve grapes, one on each strike of the bell at midnight.

The show transcends the grape itself and takes advantage of its shape, the circle, with its symbolism of a never-ending line with no beginning or end, evoking repeating cycles and, consequently, the passage of time.

The star of the night, the grape, will be visible before the show begins through giant representations of the structures in which it naturally grows in vineyards: bunches of grapes. The grape and its symbolic meaning will also be the theme of the pyrotechnic show,  light design and soundtrack, which for the first time in an outdoor space will use multichannel technology to achieve surround sound. Everyone will be able to hear the soundtrack and its effects with the same clarity, no matter where they are standing.

New Year’s Eve at the Magic Fountain (31 December)​ 

The Magic Fountain will also play an important part in the New Year’s Eve bell-ringing. Its choreography, tailor-made for the occasion, will visually represent the rhythms and melodies of the soundtrack and will accompany the lights and fireworks.

To brighten up the evening while waiting for midnight to strike, from 9.30 pm there will be projections of previous fireworks and music shows.

There won’t be a show on Saturday 30 December, as they will be getting the fountain ready for the 31st.

The metro service will run non-stop throughout the night on New Year’s Eve.


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