The Tres Tombs in Sant Andreu


The Tres Tombs is back in Sant Andreu in January, with the traditional blessing of animals and the procession.

Horses, jennets, riders and all sorts of carriages: barouches, Berlins, tartanas, phaetons and muleteers’ carts… One of the most distinctive and traditional features of the festivities for Sant Antoni is the Tres Tombs procession. The first one in the city takes place in the old town of Sant Andreu de Palomar. The entourage, which also includes lancers from the city police and a band providing music, will once again be making its way around the neighbourhood streets.

The procession is on Sunday 14 January, as from 11 am. The parade is concentrated in the Parc de la Maquinista and sets off from between C/ Segre and C/ Sant Adrià. The route takes in Pg. Torres i Bages, C/ Gran de Sant Andreu and Rambla de Fabra i Puig, where the three ‘tombs’ or laps will be performed. The blessing of domestic animals takes place at 12.15 pm in Pl. Orfila. This year the traditional route has been slightly modified due to work at the market.


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