‘Passion for the Egypt of the Pharaohs’

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Fundació Arqueològica Clos, this exhibition on 200 years of collecting at the city’s Egyptian museum offers a close-up look at nearly fifty private collectors, various museums and some of the most prestigious and traditional antiques dealers and auctioneers in the city.

People unknown to the general public, and other well-known figures such as Rodolfo Valentino, Terenci Moix, Lord Carnarvon and Winston Churchill’s family, were all linked in one way or another to the pieces exhibited in the museum. Some of the pieces come from iconic Egyptology institutions such as the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, as well as from eccentric characters from the early 19th century which are sure to fascinate visitors.

More info: http://agenda500.barcelona.cat/en/detall/lsquopassion-for-the-egypt-of-the-pharaohsrsquo_99400603486.html


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