Festivities for Santa Eulàlia 2019

The city’s festive eagle figure, the Àliga de la Ciutat, heads an evening procession as far as the Santa Maria de Mar church on Friday, 8 February. Once there, it will perform its traditional dance in the chancel and before the altar in the church.
Saturday comes packed with displays of popular culture, with sardana dancing, a gathering of giants, traditional dance displays, a meeting of drumming groups, fire runs, dance shows and much more.
Early on Sunday morning it will be the turn of graller players to fill the streets of the Gòtic neighbourhood. At 10 am, the traditional Moixiganga de Barcelona group will be performing in Pl. Sant Jaume, followed by the human formations of the Falcons de Barcelona. The city’s human towers groups will also be meeting in the square, with the Castellers de Sarrià making a return after a fourteen-year absence.
Sunday also sees lace makers from all over Catalonia get together, as well as a human towers meeting, the Moixiganga and Falcons groups, a meeting of giants and the Santa Eulàlia procession. There are also musical parades in store, sardana dancing, a dance show at the cathedral and the procession featuring giant dances by the Gegants del Corpus and the Gegants de Carnaval.
On Tuesday, 12 February, the traditional ceremony to hang the Penó de Santa Eulàlia (the city’s historical banner) from the balcony of the City Hall takes place in the morning. The speech by the city’s youth will also be made the same morning, with sardana dancing to follow, also in Pl. Sant Jaume. The traditional stroll by Les Laies (giants, all renamed Laia for the day) culminates the most traditional side of the festivities.
On Saturday, 9 February, it’s the turn of the Lali Jove, the local festival for young people and associations. Activities are being organised for children and young people from 5 pm to 8 pm, with concerts to follow.
The festival days also offer other activities, such as the open day at the City Hall and other activities and open days at the city’s museums and cultural centres.
Check out the full programme at the website: Festivities for Santa Eulàlia.

More here: https://agenda500.barcelona.cat/en/detall/festivities-for-santa-eulalia-2019_99400071854.html


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