‘The art of visiting a garden: Parc del Laberint’

Availability according to the schedule of occupation of the organizer, the Sun Factory.
La Fàbrica del Sol is organising a guided tour for groups entitled ‘The art of visiting a garden: Parc del Laberint’. The two-hour route is a chance to discover the flora, hedge maze, water, mythology and hidden spots in this unique city garden.
The Parc del Laberint d’Horta has the merit of housing the city’s oldest garden and being an exponent of the 18th century neoclassical garden, with a touch of Italian physiognomy. The garden is on the estate of the Marquis of Llupià, Poal and Alfarràs, a very learned man who commissioned the Italian Domenico Bagutto with the garden, the latter working on in until 1808. The French gardener Delvalet was responsible for the planting of trees and foliage and the Catalan master builder Jaume Valls oversaw the work. The Desvalls family continued to own the estate until the 1970s, when it became municipally-owned. It was opened as a public park in 1971.
Delve into its maze and let yourself be seduced by the colour of flowers of love, the gentle sound of water and the mythological stories represented there. This park is full of little delights for one’s eyes, reflection and rest, inviting visitors to lose themselves for a while.
Check out the opening times and prices for this tour here. https://agenda500.barcelona.cat/en/detall/lsquothe-art-of-visiting-a-garden-parc-del-laberintrsquo_96250132330.html


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