Stargazing and guided visits at night at the Observatory Fabra

Guided tours of the museum and the modernista function room at the Observatori Fabra are being offered on Fridays. The visit includes an observation session with the telescope and a visit to the outside of the dome. Duration: 1 h 30 mins. In Catalan and Spanish.
On Saturdays there are guided visits to the museum and the rooms in the modernista building (function room, the observation room and office) at the observatory. The visits include a talk, a video on astronomy, observation using the telescope, a visit to the outside of the dome and a glass of cava or fruit juice with a touch of chocolate.
The sessions indicate a celestial body to be observed, although this implies no obligation on the part of the observatory. Observation can be affected by weather conditions and so the astronomist will explain the current work being done by the centre in studying and recording asteroids near the Earth.


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