Festivities for Sant Josep Oriol in the Pi neighbourhood


With the arrival of spring, the Pi neighbourhood holds its local festival in honour of Sant Josep Oriol.

The Pi neighbourhood is holding its local festival from 17 to 25 March, with popular culture playing a major part.

On Saturday 17 March, the bells of the Pi church will herald the opening speech by the local trader Emili Boada i Rovira and the celebrations will get under way.

On the same day there will be an act to remember the miracle which the saint performed with coins, as well as sardana dancing, with music courtesy of the Cobla Sant Jordi – Ciutat de Barcelona. In the afternoon it’s time for human towers displays by the Castellers de Barcelona and Cerdanyola groups, while in the evening there’s a performance of the Retaule de Sant Josep Oriol.

On Sunday 18, beast figures from all over the Catalan-speaking lands will be accompanying the Lleó and the Mulassa, the city’s festive lion and mule figures.

On Thursday 22 there will be a talk at the Casa dels Entremesos, and on Friday 23, the day of Sant Josep Oriol, a children’s procession is planned, along with storytelling especially for the occasion and dancing by the original giants. The cant dels goigs, specific songs for the saint, will also be sung.

Saturday 24 March starts with the traditional Passejada dels Oriols, a parade exclusively for Ciutat Vella’s male giants. At noon there’ll be dancing by the Esbart Català de Dansaires group, while in the afternoon there’ll be children’s games and representations of the popular thefts committed by the robber Perot lo Lladre. In the evening everyone is invited to move to the rhythm of the music at the festival dance.

On Sunday 25, the festival rounds off with an early morning wake-up call by graller players and drummers in the streets, followed by a very special festival parade: lion figures from all over Catalonia will be present, marking the 25th anniversary of the city’s festive lion. Other guest giants and figures include the Cavall dels Nebot, from the town of Riudoms, Catalonia’s largest festive beast.

More here: http://guia.barcelona.cat/en/detall/festivities-for-sant-josep-oriol-in-the-pi-neighbourhood_99400264941.html


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